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You can read Antwerp's history from its buildings.
You'll find buildings with a medieval core and 16th-century city palaces alongside 19th-century storehouses and hyper-modern office buildings, criss-crossed throughout the city centre.
Some historic buildings were even 'pimped' with hyper-modern additions.

Depending on your taste and interest, you have a choice of 3 routes:

Route 1: The Centre of the Old Town, where history drips from the walls (+- 11th century - 19th century)

Route 2: The Eilandje, the old harbour area that has been transformed in recent years into a hip residential area with city harbour for pleasure boats (19th century - 21st century)

Route 3: Het Zuid, trendy artistic urban district that is all in on the sustainable story. (19th century - 21st century)


Meeting point: 
Route 1 (Centre): The statue of Lange Wapper at Het Steen (Steenplein)
Route 2 (Het Eilandje): MAS museum entrance (Hanzestedeplaats)
Route 3 (Het Zuid): Entrance to the museum KMSKA (Leopold De Waelplaats)

Duration: 2 hours

Price: €120.00