Karin Uw GidsA-TypicalAntwerp


Antwerp is different from other cities: we do not have a very famous monument or a famous sports team. It is the inhabitants of Antwerp that make the city so special.

The Antwerp citizen is restless. He wants to reinvent himself and the city again and again: always newer and better, and you can enjoy it as a visitor!

During this walk we get to know Antwerp from the inside:

  • The Scheldt that makes our hearts beat faster
  • World city on a human scale
  • Creative in many ways ... just that little bit different!
  • That Antwerp is currently the largest construction site of the century has only one goal in mind: the city is becoming even more beautiful!


Place of appointment: At the Lange Wapper statue in front of the Stone Castle

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 120,00